Treating social anxiety disorders in adults with Klonopin

adults with klonopinAs the society expand some people fail to follow the evolution happening within it, that put them in a deep state of fear and social anxiety in confronting the social situations they are facing. These results in an elevated anxiety and stress in such people often called as Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Usually, the treatment for this problem is done by the physician, but at complicated stages, a psychologist or a psychiatrist would be involved in order to bring the patient back to normal life. Klonopin would be their perfect recipe in treating the condition. Klonopin has a tranquilizing effect which is exploited by the medical science to treat a SAD patient.

There are some restrictions to using Klonopin on certain patients with narrow-angle glaucoma and liver diseases, but on an average Klonopin is the doctor’s choice for anxiety disorder. Klonopin is a prescription drug such that the sales and supply are done only under the clear instructions of a doctor using his prescription. Usually, in patients treating for SAD in a long term, might feel dependence towards the drug, but the doctor strategically takes alternative measures upon the closure of the drug course. In other cases, Klonopin is intended for a short term use, like for 6-8 weeks.

How Klonopin helps SAD patients?

First of all, it is not a disease. So the treatment strategy is customized according to the doctor you are consulting. Klonopin is mostly preferred among other benzodiazepine as all are also used for treating the same. Klonopin has a benzene ring in their active compound and it is known as benzodiazepine drug. You might be familiar with others in this class like Xanax, Adipex-p etc. All of them act the same way to induce almost similar effects, eradicating the anxiety. The active compound in Klonopin is clonazepam that binds to the GABA receptor in the brain and alters several chemical reactions or signaling taking place within the central nervous system. Inhibiting the action of certain neurotransmitters prevent the anxiety with the patient. Patients diagnosed with SAD can buy klonopin from internet drugstores in the right dosage strengths by consulting with the online doctor.

When anxiety is gone, around two-third of the problems are gone. The rest depends on upon the person’s cognitive and behavioral aspects. So in a normal case, a doctor gives an anxiolytic drug to regulate biochemical part and a behavioral therapy to treat the mental part. This combinational therapy works out in almost all cases except a very few.

What should be the dosage of Klonopin for treating SAD?

Like mentioned earlier the dosage for Klonopin solely depend on upon the doctor’s decision after a thorough evaluation the patient’s physical and mental condition. The very mild cases require the basic dosage of 0.25mg orally. Usually, two – three doses are taken a day, whereas the dosage can be scaled up to 1 to 4 mg depending on the patient’s condition. The maximum dosage of Klonopin is limited to 4mg a day. One can buy Klonopin online  as oral pills, intramuscular injection or intravenous injection and a sublingual form of an wafer for faster administration is also available in the market.